Five Guys are renowned for not using freezers on site as they don’t use any frozen ingredients. Their food is cooked up from scratch every single day so that their burgers are always fresh and super delicious. Their beef comes just across the pond from Ireland and their potatoes are hand cut daily.

Even better, the number of different combinations at Five Guys is unreal! There are more than 250,000 possible topping combinations to choose from so you never have to eat the same meal twice! The Coca-Cola® freestyle machines also have more than 125 different drinks to choose from so the possibilities are limitless.

Choose a classic burger with a beef patty and cheese then customise to your hearts content with whichever toppings you would like for no extra cost! From lettuce, pickle, tomatoes, onions, grilled mushrooms… you really can personalise your burger. You can also enjoy a beef dog or a sandwich if you so wish.

No Five guys experience is complete without some fries. After being hand cut on site from fresh potatoes, they are cooked in peanut oil which locks in the flavour and the freshness.

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