Children and adults alike can battle it out in Tower Tag, an innovative multiplayer virtual reality game that puts you right at the centre.  A thrilling and action-packed game where you can put your problem solving to the test, Tower Tag used haptic feedback vests and other state of the art technology to allow players to experience the game in a more sensory way than has ever been possible before.  You will genuinely feel like you’re actually part of the game! Tower Tag can be played one v one two v two or three v three players, making it a brilliant activity for a night out with friends, family, work mates or couples who want to battle it out to see who comes out on top!

In addition to six Tower Tag stations, Centre VR will also be home to a VR station where you can choose from hundreds of jaw-dropping virtual reality experiences.  From the adrenalin rush of flying a multi-million-pound plane to the spectacle of deep sea diving or orbiting the International Space Station, this is the easiest way of ticking off your bucket-list without the high price tag!

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