New more route 17!

Thursday, September 08 2016


The new more 17 route is your connection between Poole and Bournemouth. It will go via Sea View - Alderney - Rossmore - Wallisdown - Talbot Campus - Winton - Bournemouth Rail Station - Lansdowne.

The 17 is be half-hourly on Monday - Saturday daytimes and hourly throughout evenings & Sundays.

This will give a new connection across Poole and Bournemouth connecting both the Talbot and Lansdowne University campuses as well as stopping at Bournemouth Rail Station.

The combined 17 and exisitng 16 route will provide you with a 15 minute service between Poole and Rossmore / Alder Road and a combined 4 buses per hour between Bournemouth Square and the Poole - Alder Road section.

 View the route map here +


You can take a look at the timetable pdf here +

If you don't have a key card you can apply for one here +


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